About Origin Engines

Industrial engines built for a specific purpose – yours

Origin Engines is a new name in the marketplace. But we’re certainly not new to the engine building business.

We have the experience of manufacturing engines for over 40 years. We are teaming our experience and capabilities with OEMs to deliver highly engineered product, specific to their needs. The result is a tailored and sustainable product that can maximize ROI for our partners.


Industrial engines: engineered for a purpose

For decades, OEMs have been forced to take an off-the-shelf engine purchased through a reseller and then try to figure out a way to make it work for their industry.

Origin Engines has changed that paradigm by manufacturing engines engineered for a purpose. Origin Engines’ “Purpose-Built Industrial Engines” are designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet your specifications and your unique application. You don’t have to deal with changes in automotive engines driven by CAFE standards, carbon pledges, and other initiatives that aren’t relevant to you but impact your product design and performance. Instead, you get the engine you need without dealing with unexpected changes that ripple through your company and cost you product design headaches and serious money.

Origin Engines is a U.S.-owned company located in America’s Heartland. Our engineering staff is located on-site, right here in our manufacturing plant. With an employee owned business model, you can be assured that every one of our people is dedicated to making sure your engine delivers in terms of performance, quality and craftsmanship. We’ve been in the business of precision engine design and manufacturing for four decades. We’ve applied that insight and experience to our innovative line of industrial engines: Origin Engines.

Bottom line: We know engines inside and out. You know what you need those engines to do. Together, we’ll create powerful solutions that make sense for you and your customers on every level.

People Power

Some call it the Midwestern work ethic.

We think it just comes down to talented, dedicated people who simply take pride in their work and want to do a good job every day for our company and its customers. People who want to continually improve and who are genuinely interested in solving problems, being held accountable, and providing a high quality product to our customers.

We’re nearing 250 employees and headed north. We have a strong balance sheet. And we have more than four decades of proven experience in designing and manufacturing engines with a reputation for performance, quality and long life. We listen to you and collaborate with you. We react quickly when it comes to service and technical issues. We can incorporate small but critical changes to make your engine truly yours. If that sounds like the type of company you’d like to work with, we’d love to talk with you about what we do, how we do it and how our people can help you by designing and manufacturing an engine with a purpose—your purpose.

“The easiest way to sell something is to provide what your customers want. That’s the whole game plan at Origin, We work with the customer directly to understand what they want and need, what their past problems have been and create customer centric solutions. We back that promise up with true OE level engineering and validation. In the end our customers get the exact product they need, with World Class quality and after the sale service. Our customers deserve that. Happy customers buy more, we only want happy customers.”