Difference Makers

Origin Engines Difference Makers

We saw what needed to be done to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial market. So we did it. And then some.

Origin Engines has taken a unique customer-driven approach to the design and manufacturing of industrial engines. And that makes a difference in a number of important ways…

  • Heavy-duty block engineered and machined in the USA
  • High quality materials designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial use
  • EPA Certified
  • Engineered for outstanding reliability and long life
  • Modular design and consistent product offering
  • Designed and precision machined to exacting tolerances
  • Unparalleled technical support and service

Origin Engines are designed for industrial use from the get-go

These aren’t re-purposed truck or tractor engines that you have to retrofit to your application. Origin Engines are new engines – manufactured to be industrial engines from the start. Every detail, every component has been engineered for the demands of industrial use.

Consistent design means less work for you and your business

Origin Engines are designed to fit right into your current applications with little or no modification. And once you make any necessary configuration changes, you won’t have to worry about us coming out with annual design modifications that throw you for a loop. Because Origin Engines aren’t made for some other use and adapted for industrial applications. They are industrial engines. Period.

We've engineered details that matter in the field

Origin Engines collaborates with OEM’s and Engine Distributors to design engines specific to the duty requirements of the application. This results into engine configurations which meet the performance requirements while providing durability and longevity to maximize engine lifespan.

Spark ignited engines that rival diesel equipment

Origin Engines are spark-ignited industrial engines made to run on dry fuels or gasoline. But we’ve engineered many features that you’re used to seeing only on diesel engines. Better yet, we bring all of this to you at a highly competitive price that not only improves performance, but improves your bottom line as well.

Our Mutual Success is Founded on Collaboration

When you work with Origin Engines, you have an engine supplier who listens.

We don’t tell you what we have and expect you to deal with it. We work to understand what you need and then build an engine that performs for you over the long term.

We’ll get feedback from your technical service team, your engineers and even the people who use and operate your products. We want to understand what they like about what they currently have and what kind of improvements or changes they’d like to see. Our collaborative approach to your engine design begins with deep conversations and gaining a better understanding of your application.

At Origin Engines, we operate on a different scale than the legacy engine manufacturers. Our business model is not based on mass producing a standardized engine for all markets. Instead, we’re focused on manufacturing the engine you need in quantities that make sense in terms of performance, quality, and price. The difference is that we’re creating an engine that does exactly what you need it to do. An engine that gives you even greater control over your product development, innovation and market leadership.