Industrial Engine Experts

Niche Market Engine Manufacturing

Origin Engines believes there is, and will continue to be, a market for a manufacturer to design, develop, and manufacture “Purpose Built Packages.”

Our 40 years of experience manufacturing high-performance engines has enabled us to develop innovative products for the industrial market.

Power Generation

With Origin Engines, you can achieve increased power density and lower cost per kW. Couple that efficiency with outstanding reliability and long life and you have an engine that can make a powerful difference.

Oil & Gas

There is no day off in the oil field. Origin Engines are rugged, tough and steady performers under some of the most demanding conditions imaginable.

Mobile Equipment

Innovative design and efficiency help you reduce your carbon footprint with ultra-low emissions. Improved performance and outstanding reliability extend maintenance intervals while reducing labor costs and shut-down times.

On Highway

Our engines are engineered to handle the brutal day-to-day, start-and-stop demands of commercial vehicles navigating both congested city streets and wide open highway.


Origin Engines is making waves in the marine market, leaving the competition in its wake by pushing performance and reliability to new levels.

Forestry & Agriculture

From the rigorous demands of commercial forestry equipment to the critical reliance of dependable of irrigation systems, Origin Engines are right at home in the outdoors, delivering consistent power and performance over the long haul.

Engineering & Design

Our engineers begin every engine project with a wealth of experience and a fresh set of eyes.

They understand that, while the basics of engine manufacturing may be constant, each customer comes to us with a new challenge and new opportunities to create something special.

We tailor our in-house technical processes, automated manufacturing, and quality management to ensure consistent quality and precise specifications at every step. From conception and design, to CAD modeling and prototyping, we collaborate with you and your team.

With Origin Engines, you get the engine that meets your unique needs, performs that way you need it to perform, configured the way you want it, and with a price that is competitive. Better yet, you can get an engine that clearly distinguishes your product in the marketplace in ways that matter to your industry and your customers.

With Origin Engines, you can innovate with confidence – because you’re getting an engine that is uniquely yours.

We Have the BluePrint for Success

Our sister company BluePrint Engines has played a large role in the growth and success of Origin Engines. Our processes at BluePrint Engines allow us to provide comprehensive product offerings for customers. Through years of research and development, we continue to produce high quality products and offer unrivaled technical support for pre and post sale customers.

EPA Certified Industrial Engines

Origin Engines are designed to fit right into your current applications with little or no modification. Best of all, Origin offers several EPA certified configurations. This enables us to better develop engines that take into account their environmental impact.

Testing and Validation

Every engine that leaves our facility is tested on a dyno to ensure it reaches the advertised horsepower and torque rating. Along with this, we stress test engines to simulate real-world industrial applications.

Manufacturing Technology

We embrace a culture that has a long-term view of continuous improvement, with an emphasis on driving employee engagement and Gemba focused improvements. This has led us to continually updating our technology and automated assembly processes.