Origin Engines 5.7L

Origin Engines 5.7L

The 5.7L has a long and storied reputation for dependability. Origin is continuing that legacy.


The Origin Engines 5.7L is our version of the well-known legacy engine, with the same footprint and power profile. Available in a variety of configurations – natural gas, propane, or gasoline fueled, naturally aspirated or turbocharged and EPA certified and non-certified packages.

Same footprint, same horsepower, and the same performance which gave the 5.7L the reputation it deserved. With this direct replacement, you won’t miss the legacy version one bit.

Origin Engines engineers had the forethought to look past what is popular today and designed our engines in a way which benefits our OEM and Engine Distributor customers long-term. Our small block engines were designed to be modular with the design of our cylinder bores. This resulted with (2) engine configurations which all occupy the same physical footprint; 5.7L and 6.2L.

Engineered for optimal performance and reliability under the most demanding conditions, the Origin Engines 5.7L industrial engine delivers the power and reliability you demand – and a consistent configuration year after year that virtually eliminates the need for costly and frequent adaptations.